Outlook 500 Error: How to fix Outlook 500 Internal Server Error

Today we are going to talk about the steps which we can try when we get an outlook 500 error. So let's get started, basically, an outlook 500 error usually occurs on a mailbox that is new. So if you have created a user with a license assigned to it and it is fairly new like an hour old it can have this issue. When you try to access the outlook on the browser it gives you this error which is something like this “500 unexpected errors or something went wrong”. And when you expand it gives you more details so the details can be different but we do have generic steps which we can try in this kind of scenario. Whenever we get 500 errors Outlook on the browser for an account that is new and has a license assigned to it which is basically an exchange online plan. So usually the mailbox is provisioned within minutes whenever we assign a license to it but sometimes it does take some time so whenever we face this kind of an issue we can as an admin try a few steps to solve “Outlook 500 Error”. 

  • Go to office.com and open the admin center where we can monitor the user's progress in creating the mailbox and try a few steps as well. 
  • So if the user which you have created is an admin account then the troubleshooting can be slightly different. When compared to a normal user account that is facing the same issue. 
  • Then you need to open that user account here in the Microsoft 365 admin center users and active users.
  • Once we click on the user it will open a tab where we will check whether the mailbox for the user is provisioned or not 
  • You just have to click on the mail tab and it will show us the status of the mailbox. If you see all this information mentioned there that means the user has a mailbox and it’s just that it’s taking some time to load and giving us that error so it should probably get resolved in 10 to 15 minutes 
  • The point where you see this if it does not then you can try something else as well

What we would suggest is to force open the mailbox if you don't see it there and it states that we are still preparing the mailbox then it is certainly something else. It requires some time to provision the mailbox but if you still see this and are still unable to access it then you can come back and click on read and manage. Now you need to forcefully open the mailbox using someone else's mailbox so we'll click on read and manage to add permission and we'll give any user who has mailbox permission on this mailbox. So what you need to do is use that user for example admin user here to open the ABC mailbox and you need to see whether it opens successfully or not. 

So now go back to the home page and then go to the outlook. 

And as you can see you are on the account which has the permissions on that mailbox ABC. Mailbox on the top initials or the profile picture and click on open another mailbox and then you have to type in the email address of the ABC account and try to open it and then it will show you whether it is getting the same error or is it successfully opening the mailbox.

If it does successfully open the mailbox we would suggest you wait for another 10 to 15 minutes and that should fix the issue because you are able to access the mailbox. It is just that user who is new is not able to. Maybe there is some provisioning in the back end it's still stuck but it should eventually be completed.

  • And the user should be able to access the mailbox but if you don't see the mailbox still after 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • After that you have to open the mailbox using some other user's account then we would suggest trying to create a new profile for that user account in your outlook application.
  • If you have it on your computer or you can just add that user account into the same profile by just going to outlook and add a new account that's it. 
  • It will let us know whether it is able to open the outlook mailbox using the outlook application and it would be just that the over which is an outlook on the web it's taking its time in the outlook application
  • If you have it on your computer you can just go to file on the top and then click on add account and follow the steps to try to add the account with the password of the user account as well and check if you are able to configure if you are able to do it. 
  • Then you can try after 10 to 15 minutes and check the outlook on the web as well in case you are not able to do that as well

What we would suggest is to check the rules assigned to the user if it is an admin account or if it is a user account. The user account does not have any rules assigned to it but if it is an admin account you will see the rules assigned to it. For a user account what we would suggest is just go to manage roles and just for time being go to admin center access and select global admin and hit save changes. Once you do that, wait for five minutes and try to sign out from the user in a browser and sign back in and check the behavior of the outlook on the web. If you are still getting the 500 error or not and if it was an admin account that was facing the Outlook Error 500 you can come to this place and check the admin center access and make sure that you only have one rule assigned to it. 

If you have multiple rules assigned to it and even multiple categories that will create issues like this for an admin account. So if you are an admin who is newly created with the mailbox and not able to access the main box getting 500 errors do check the rules which you have assigned to the admin account. And make sure if you want the user to have access to everything on the tenant global administrator role is enough. So just assign a global administrator hit save changes and check the behavior of it if it does not fix the issue still. 

The next step would be to contact the support for this kind of error. For Outlook 500 Internal Server Error we perform a few things on that affected user account and after 30 minutes or we would say 10 to 20 minutes the user is able to access the mailbox. So you can straight away jump to the last step of contacting the support if you want right away and let them know that you're getting this error and they should probably run some sync on your account and that should fix the issue.

But if you don't want to contact the support you can follow the same steps and check the behaviors and then at the last step if anything does not work we would recommend contacting the Microsoft Support Team.

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