Green Plants: Gifts That Grow Beyond A timeline: A token Of Love, Hope And Growth

With the increasing urbanization, pollution in the cities has escalated, wrecking our ecosystem. Due to less greenery around us, city life is choked by air pollution. To live a healthy life, we request you to inculcate as much greenery around you and at home. Plants are one of the best possible options when it comes to bringing positivity around us and adding greenery. Being surrounded by green plants always feels like heaven on earth. Plants add freshness and a beautiful aura to homes and gardens. They purify the air. The air also creates a warm and welcoming aura. Plants accentuate the ambience of the living rooms and halls; a little touch of greenery adds beauty and freshness to the interiors of the house. With the growing demand for residential towers and office hubs, air pollution has multiplied thousand times in the cities. People are suffering from respiratory problems, itchy eyes, and skin disorders, skin allergies, etc. People have started growing plants both indoors and outdoors. Shopping indoor plants online have become a trend as it helps in purifying the air and spreading positivity. 

The colour green signifies happiness, youthfulness and optimism. A little dash of greenery completely changes the aura and the vibe of the living room. Certain plants can be easily planted in the kitchen garden, garden area or can be kept indoors.  

The surging trend of using outdoor plants, organic seeds, air-purifying plants, and Bonsai plants as a return gift has led to the growth in the organic plant industry. Nowadays, organic indoor and outdoor plants are being used as wedding gifts, house-warming party gifts, engagement invitations to promote greenery, and organic farming. One can easily give green plants to their loved ones. 

Here is a long list of outdoor plants that you can plant around your surroundings and enliven the space. 

Achmea: Achmea is grown outdoors. They can easily thrive in lesser lit areas. They are of many types of Achmea species. Amongst all peaceful Achmea is a popular one. They should be adequately watered. 

Hosta: A Hosta can quickly grow in a dimly lit area or in the dimly lit areas of your garden. They are easy to maintain. 

Peperomias: Peperomias can be kept in the shaded region of your garden areas but not directly in contact with the sun. The medicinal properties of the plant make it the most favourite among the rest of the outdoor plants. They can be kept easily as both indoor and outdoor plants. Feel free to order plants online along with the outdoor plant.

Areca Palm: They are pet-friendly plants. They are acknowledged by NASA as an air-purifying plant. They can easily remove the toxins from the air and clean the air. They even absorb carcinogenic substances from the air. They are large in size. They outgrow their pot every time. 

Nosegay or Frangipani: They grow into giant trees. They bear light yellowish-white flowers with a sweet smell. They are low maintenance in nature. They are perfectly fit for outdoor use. 

Caladium: Caladium bears reddish-green leaves, with enormous pink and white leaves which are heart-shaped. They are perfect for the outdoor climate. They are easy to maintain and beautify and colour your garden space and balconies. 

Hibiscus: A Hibiscus can quickly adapt to every type of climate in India. A hibiscus plant can be located anywhere in India. They are found in different colours like red, white, pink and yellow. They are famous for their medicinal purpose too. 

Rhoeo Plant: They are both outdoor plants and indoor plants. They are ideally added to the beauty of the balconies, terraces and garden areas. They make beautiful border plants.

Rose Plant: They are small in size plants and are adaptable to the outdoor climate. Roses are favourite because of the variety of colours they are found in. Roses have a lovely- smell. 

Cactus: Cactus belong to the family of succulents. Certain succulents can be planted indoors, whereas certain succulents can be planted outdoors. A cactus can be planted outdoors. They can easily thrive in hot and dry climatic conditions. They are low maintenance plants.

Gasteria Batesiana: They hail from the category of succulents. They can be quickly grown both outdoors and indoors. They can be germinated quickly and are compact kinds of succulents. 

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are one of the most favourites among our customers due to their bright yellow colour and the illuminating colour they bring to the garden. They are the perfect fit for the brightest area in your garden and terrace. 

Bougainvillaea: The light pinkish colour of the bougainvillaea flowers gradually uplifts your mood. This plant adds beauty to your garden and a smile to your face. They thrive. They are low- outdoor maintenance plants.

Bromeliads: Bromeliads are famous for adding colours to your garden area and the indoors too. They can be easily planted in your garden area. The different and colourful appearance of the Bromeliads gives it a beautiful look. 

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