Things to Know About Baseline Eye Exam

The human body is made of different types of sensory organs, both externally and internally. One crucial organ without which life can become difficult is the eye. Hence, it is of extreme importance to take proper care of the eye. There will be required for undertaking regular eye check-ups.

Taking care of the eyes

When eye health is concerned, it is quite natural for people to focus on vision health with regards to rectifying poor vision to see clearly. But the problem arising by focusing more on this particular aspect related to vision health is likely to cause people to have that false security sense. This, in turn, leads people to have the wrong belief that they have clear eyesight and their eyes are healthy. But even though your vision might be clear, you might not just be aware of the fact that there could also be some underlying issues with your vision, something you are not able to see. It can also be an eye problem which might not come with any visible symptoms or signs. Hence, it becomes all the more important to get your eye examined comprehensively, something that is better done by the leading and well-trained optometrists. They can detect by conducting different types of tests if your eyes are having signs of problems or not. The reason is that some eye conditions might not simply exhibit any kind of symptoms. Therefore, to determine the overall health of your eyes, you need to consult the top eye doctor at the best eye hospital in India. The practitioners will suggest a thorough eye exam referred to as the baseline eye exam.

What is the baseline eye exam all about?

This is an eye exam which provides you with a thorough diagnosing and detection of the different types of signs that might be noticed on the onset of some eye conditions or disease like glaucoma. This test helps to examine the eye to identify those warning signs of various general health conditions and problems like Diabetes. It is rather a comprehensive test to provide the patient with overall eye health awareness since the eyes are termed to be indicators of various health conditions emerging in the body like certain cancers and high blood pressure. Reputed Ophthalmologists do recommend patients undergo this comprehensive test especially to those who are 40 and above. Such a test is suggested so that the doctors are able to recognize the changes taking place in their visual system with age. Besides this, conducting this evaluation also encourages early diagnosing and detection of vision conditions which can be treated immediately before they get progressively worse.
Such a comprehensive test is also carried out to determine risks associated with certain eye diseases like age-associated vision disorders like cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Such eye tests are essential like for example since certain eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are said to occur without any symptoms or warning signs. The eye test is conducted taking into account the patient’s medical history as well as to determine the types of risk associated with these diseases. On completion of initial screening, a follow-up test is recommended with the qualified ophthalmologist at the best eye hospital in India. In case, the patient’s eyes exhibit diabetes, high blood pressure, and other disease signs, then a follow-up test is an absolute must with the ophthalmologist. It helps to determine the number of times in a year the eyes need to be checked.

Eye health awareness

With the baseline eye exam, which is actually a comprehensive eye exam, you can be aware of your overall eye health. This exam provides certain screenings to determine if the patient exhibits signs of the onset of any type of eye disease or not. It also determines through the patient’s medical history, if the patient is facing risk of contracting diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. The ophthalmologists do recommend such eye exams to diagnose those underlying eye conditions which may not carry any kind of warning symptoms like glaucoma or other age-associated vision disorder. Once you reach 40 years of age, the doctor is likely to recommend this particular eye exam to monitor changing vision health, which could be due to the natural aging process.


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