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How to Add to Outlook 2007 using Error-Free Approach

My primary email account belongs to Outlook 2020 as this is the default email client used in my organization. I also used account for some time as my personal account. Now, I want to discontinue using and switch completely to Outlook 2020. But I want to access the existing data of from desktop-based Outlook. Please tell me if it is possible to move data from to Outlook 2020? If yes, then what is the exact procedure? Thanks in advance.
Hello, all. I am an Outlook 2020 user for many years. These days, I am planning to use a web-based email application. I am thinking of starting to use the web version of Outlook because I heard that can be configured in Outlook 2020. But I do not know about the configuration process. Can anyone tell me how can I add to Outlook 2020? I will be grateful if you can suggest any viable solution for me.

Efficiently Export to Outlook 2020 PST File

  1. Download and Install Backup Tool.
  2. Login with account and select folders to export to Outlook 2020.
  3. Choose PST format. Select Mailbox Items to download to Outlook 2020.
  4. Browse a location to save the Outlook PST file.
  5. Click on Start button to export to Outlook 2020 PST file.
It is possible that you might want to add to Outlook 2020 to use the account in the desktop-based Outlook. To help the users with such a requirement, we are going to describe the complete method to setup the account in Outlook 2020. Read the full blog to learn the step-by-step procedure.

How to Add to Outlook 2020 in Supported Versions?

  1. Choose Add New E-mail Account to open Auto Account Setup dialog box.
  2. Enter any name that you want the email recipients to see as your name in Your Name box.
  3. Enter the email account in Email Address box and type the password of the same account in Password box.
  4. Re-enter the password in the Retype Password box and click on Next.
  5. The account has been successfully added to Outlook 2020.
Note: Check for the exact version of your Outlook 2020. If you have Outlook 2020 version 12.0.6680.5000 or later, it is a version supported by Microsoft. It means you can access email, calendar, and contacts services. However, you can add the OWA account in unsupported Outlook 2020 versions too, but the service will be limited to emails only.

Do You Know How to Check the Version of Outlook 2020?

To check the Outlook 2020, open Outlook and click on Help button. From the options choose “About Microsoft Office Outlook.” This will make a dialogue box appear. Check out the version mentioned in the first line. That is your Outlook 2020 version.
The above image shows it is an Outlook version that is not supported by Microsoft. So for those who have the Outlook 2020 versions similar as above can move down to perform the account configuration in such Outlook applications.

How to Add Account in Unsupported Outlook 2020 Versions?

a. Go to the Add New E-mail Account - Auto Account Setup dialog box. Now choose either “Manually Configure Server Settings” or “Additional Server Types.” Click Next.
b. In E-mail Service dialog box, choose Internet E-mail -->Next.
c. In Internet E-mail Settings dialog box, perform these steps:
I. Navigate to User Information tab and type your name and email address that you want to add.
II. Go to the Server Information tab and perform these steps:
  • Choose IMAP as your Account Type.
  • Find out what is the "Server address" by visiting the IMAP4 settings of your account. One example is
  • Type as the Outgoing mail server.
III. Go to the Logon Information tab, and perform these steps:
  • Add email address of the account that you want to add Outlook 2020 in User Name box.
  • Enter account password in Password text box.
IV. Near the lower-right corner of the dialog box, select More Settings.
d. In Outgoing Server tab of Internet E-mail Settings dialog box, choose My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming mail server respectively.
e. In the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box, perform these steps in Advanced tab.
I. Enter port number of IMAP setting in Incoming server (IMAP), which is possibly 993, and select SSL as the type of encrypted connection.
II. Enter 25/ 587 as the port number For Outgoing server (SMTP). Here, use TLS/ STARTTLS type of encrypted connection.
f. Click OK in Internet E-mail Settings dialog box to close it.
g. Choose Next on In the Add New E-mail Account - Internet E-mail Settings dialog box.

Final Words

This write-up described step-by-step methods to add to Outlook 2020. If you are stuck in a situation where you have to configure your account in the old version of MS Outlook, follow these instructions. Users can easily perform the configuration part if they follow our guide carefully.


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