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Canada is much more than its dramatic natural landscapes and snow-capped mountains. The country has a wide gastronomic offer inspired by the ingredients are grown in the region, as well as a completely enriched cultural and artistic scene, which has become an international benchmark. And these are some of the ideal places to visit in Canada.
So If you plan to visit Canada for the first time, see the offer of its best places.

1. Vancouver

Its contrasting neighborhoods are ideal for walking, its restaurants serve an offer that reflects the multicultural nature of its society and its natural landscapes offer endless activities of culture and adventure. In addition to snowboarding and bike tours through Stanley Park, theater, cinema and nightlife are great reasons to visit this city.

2. Montreal

This is the cultural epicenter of the country, with a wide range of artistic, musical and playwright festivals. All, presented in the contrasting neighborhoods where the artists, writers, and musicians who have helped give Montreal this reputation live under a timeless atmosphere thanks to architecture as a witness to the passing of the years.

3. Quebec

Quebec offers an experience that is not found anywhere else in the country; It is a territory separated by its own linguistic and cultural identity. The cosmopolitan city surrounded by vast nature offers everything from snowy landscapes to a wide viticultural and gastronomic scene, uniting in a territory the identities of Canada and Europe.

4. Toronto

Toronto is perhaps the most wonderful and multicultural city on the planet, with more than 140 languages ​​spoken in its territory and half of its population born in another country. In the warmer months, Toronto is full of life thanks to its restaurants open late, bars with original proposals and cultural festivals.

5. Whistler

This villa is popular for its ski resorts. At the foot of two steep mountains, Whistler offers romantic postcards during the winter and an atmosphere of adventure in the summer, where the hills are filled with mountain bike tracks, zip lines, and hiking trails.

6. Ottawa

The capital of Canada offers many things to do throughout the year. Visit Parliament Hill, enter national galleries and museums, shop in the historic market, attend a festival and surround yourself with nature in Gatineau Park. An unmissable place is the Rideau Canal, which in the warm months you can sail and in winter it freezes to become the largest ice rink in the world.

7. Haida Gwaii

If you are still deciding what to visit in Canada, we assure you that Haida Gwaii has to be on your list. This archipelago to the left of the Canadian West Coast, about 80 kilometers off the coast of British Columbia, offers a magical experience worth getting there. The main attraction of the islands is the Gwaii Haanas National Park, full of native and unique flora and fauna. Deer, black bears, ermine and raccoons are some of the animals you can find around you.
In addition, if you have the opportunity to enter by boat in the sea that bathes the islands you can see sea lions, killer whales and whales.

8. Calgary

This beautiful city is crossed by two rivers. Visit its vibrant center, go to the Big Rock distillery, attend a play, learn in its museums and rest in its parks. Also, surprise yourself with the tricks of the cowboys and cowgirls at Calgary Stampede Rodeo, an event that celebrates the culture and tradition of rodeos.
Furthermore, 90 minutes from Calgary are Banff National Park, a recreation center in the Canadian Rockies famous for its beautiful lakes, mountains and outdoor activities.


Considering, which of these spots in Canada would you say you are wanting to visit during your escape? Make the crucial steps not to think a ton, gather your sacks and book your journey to Canada and have a go at visiting the total of the above-recorded best places to visit in Canada! Attempt to give this astounding structure to your associates! 


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