4 New Features Alexa can do on Amazon Echo

Hope you are enjoying your Amazon Echo device around your smart home. Alexa does a lot of things easier than earlier for you. She turns off the smart lights, fan, and bulbs when you forget after going to bed. Used to make and receive a call when you are unable to make it. So, like that Alexa is here with a few 4 new things that you can do on your Echo devices. These new features are:
  • Ask Alexa to send traffic details before leaving for any place.
  • Ask Alexa about the elections going to held in your area or other.
  • Ask Alexa to notify you about the weather alerts.
  • Ask Alexa for NBA Games.

Here we are going to show how you can use these features with your favorite voice assistant "Alexa" on Amazon Echo devices.

Ask Alexa to Send Traffic Details

With this feature, you can ask your Alexa to send traffic details about the daily commute you are following for the workplace. This unique feature might helps you when you are getting late and don't have time for setting up the destination. Command you can use for this is: "Alexa, How is the Traffic to my Work Place?"
"Alexa, set the direction to [Name of place]." when the direction is answered you can ask her to "Alexa, send that to my phone." After that, all you need to do is to click on "Start" for navigation to show on your mobile phone.

Ask Alexa about the Elections

Alexa with this new feature is here to let you know about the Election information live election results and where it is going to happen and when. Few commands that you can use for these features are:
"Alexa, when are the polls open?"
"Alexa, how I can register to vote?"
"Alexa, what are the election results of the current month?"
"Alexa, who won in [state name]?"

Ask Alexa About Weather Alerts Notifications

This feature is like when there is a snowstorm, tsunami or any other weather-related problems then you can ask Alexa to send a notification when any of these are going towards your direction. All you need to say is "Alexa, tell me when there is a serve weather alert." in a way to receive notifications weather in your location.

Ask Alexa for NBA Games

All you have to say "Alexa, play [Team Name] highlights" in a way to see video clips of the most recent games. This feature works on Amazon Echo Show with screen devices.

All done! hope you will enjoy these features on your Amazon Alexa Echo Devices.

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